Beat the Blaze
A Fire Safety Learning Game 
Beat the Blaze is a fire safety learning game developed to help increase your awareness of fire safety. Answer as many fire safety questions as you can to work your way through a house. Try to beat the clock, avoid obstacles, and out-score your friends along the way. 
As you play Beat the Blaze, you will test your knowledge on:
  • Smoke alarm maintenance
  • Fire safety plans
  • Common causes of home fires
  • And much more!  
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About HAI Group
About Us
HAI Group is a member-owned organization founded by, and dedicated to serving the public and affordable housing communities. For over 30 years, we’ve delivered tailor-made solutions designed to protect assets, improve efficiency, empower employees, and move housing strategies forward.

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At HAI Group, we understand the challenges that come with a unique property portfolio. Our insurance programs are specifically designed for public and affordable housing, offering coverage for:
  • Affiliated entities, property managers, and partnerships
  • Potential loss of tax credits
  • Public housing authorities

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HTVN, HAI Group’s e-Learning solution brings industry experts right to the office – helping to maximize limited training budgets. Learn why more than 800 organizations and over 10,000 housing professionals use HTVN.
  • Easy to use features
  • Nan McKay online certifications
  • Wide variety of courses for housing professionals
  • Much more!
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